Odd Number Graphics

Sarah Wuethrich Since I was little, I've always loved arts & crafts time in school. Being creative has always been an outlet for me- whether it's making spaghetti noodle necklaces, sketching on my high school Algebra binder, or sewing my son's Halloween costume.

My studies in college landed me smack-dab in the Northern California wine industry, where I worked in the Lab for 8 years. Once I had my son, I decided to take a break from analyzing wine and grape samples to be closer to home. During this time I found a new passion, and I guess you could say 'obsession': web and graphic design. I've been busy honing my skills and collecting units at Santa Rosa Junior College, with the intent of putting another degree under my belt.

Getting to take someone's 'vision' and translate it into a website or concert flyer or business logo is the coolest thing to me. I look forward to the possibility of helping you create your 'vision.' Please don't hesitate to drop me a line if you have any questions.